George Washington Faces

We studied about our first president, George Washington. 

 It was fun to make George Washington faces.

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Valentine sacks

We decorated our valentines sacks so we can bring valentines for our classmates.

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Valentine People

We had fun making Valentine people and then we glittered their faces!

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Window Hearts

We decorated hearts for our classroom windows!

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Valentine Heart Pictures

We made pictures using hearts. 

Some of us made flowers, fish, butterflies, elephants, cats, mice and bunnies.

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Special 100th Day of School Snacks

Each of us brought 100 snack pieces to put in our 100’s Day trail mix.  It ended up that we had mostly candy items but Mrs. Boerner added some Cheerios to make it somewhat healthier.  It was very good and fun to see all of the different kinds of snack items that ended up in our mix.  Ryan’s mother, Mrs. Belford, also brought a  special cake in the shape of 100 for our Happy 100th Day of School snack!  We really enjoyed the cake!  Thank you!!

100th Day of School Necklaces

We made necklaces with 100 pieces of cereal.  We used Cheerios and Fruit Loops to make our colorful necklaces.  The Fruit Loops represented the transition numbers:  10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.  We had special parent helpers to help us count all of our cereal!

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